The Definitive Guide to Symfony

When symfony first appeared in October 2005, many people heard about it mainly because of its extensive documentation. Unlike with other open source projects, you don’t have to dig into the symfony code to understand how a method works or what a feature does. Documentation has always been a major concern among the symfony core

Microsoft Visual C++/CLI Step by Step

C++ is a powerful, industrial-strength programming language used in tens of thousands of applications around the world, and this book will show you how to get started using C++ on Windows. Of all the languages supported by Microsoft, C++ gives you access to the widest range of technologies on the Windows platform, from writing games,

Processing: Creative Coding and Generative Art in Processing 2

Creative Coding grew primarily out of the digital art and design community, as an approach to programming based on intuitive, expressive, and organic algorithmic development, with an iterative leap-before-you-look style. Related, but broader, is the idea of Creative Computation, which explores computation as a universal, generative, and primary creative medium. We find these paradigms well

Mastering Dojo: JavaScript and Ajax Tools for Great Web Experiences

Dojo is a set of tools that helps you build better browser-based applications. Dojo is built mostly using client-side JavaScript, and it expands the capabilities of the modern browser (and even Internet Explorer) far enough that the line between local, native applications and browserbased applications has all but disappeared. This is a pretty significant statement.

Windows 8 and Office 2013 for Dummies by Andy Rathbone and Wallace Wang

Welcome to Windows 8 & Office 2013 For Dummies, your resource for Microsoft’s new operating system and office productivity software. You’re no dummy, that’s for sure. But when it comes to Windows 8 and Office 2013, the fascination just isn’t there. You want to get your work done, stop, and move on to something more

Object Oriented PHP Concepts, Techniques, and Code by Peter Lavin

This book teaches OO PHP by doing it. If you are a PHP programmer who wants to make the switch to an OO approach, Object-Oriented PHP can ease the transition from procedural to object-oriented programming (OOP). Basic concepts are introduced using simple but useful classes. This book teaches OO PHP by doing it. If you

WordPress All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Lisa Sabin Wilson

WordPress is the most popular blogging software on the planet. Between the hosted service at and the self-hosted software available at, millions of bloggers use WordPress today! That is impressive. In addition, with WordPress, you can truly tailor a blog to your own tastes and needs. WordPress being free and accessible to all,

Android Programming Tutorials by Mark L. Murphy

If you come to this book after having read its companion volumes, The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development and The Busy Coder’s Guide to Advanced Android Development, thanks for sticking with the series! CommonsWare aims to have the most comprehensive set of Android development resources (outside of the Open Handset Alliance itself), and we

Functional Programming for Java Developers

Why should a Java developer learn about functional programming (FP)? After all, hasn’t functional programming been safely hidden in academia for decades? Isn’t object-oriented programming (OOP) all we really need? This book explains why functional programming has become an important tool for the challenges of our time and how you, a Java developer, can use

CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development

This book sets out to explain some of the main features of CI. It doesn’t cover them all, or cover any of them in full detail. CI comes with an excellent on-line User Guide that explains most things. This is downloaded with the CI files. This book doesn’t try to duplicate the User Guide. Instead

Java A Beginner’s Guide Third Edition: Herbert Schildt

Java is the preeminent language of the Internet. Moreover, it is the universal language of Web programmers around the world. To be a professional Web developer today implies proficiency in Java. Therefore, if Internet-based programming is in your future, you have chosen the right language to learn—and, this book will help you learn it. The

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 by Ben Frain

You will need a good familiarity with HTML and CSS. A very basic understanding of JavaScript may also help. A good taste in films will also be beneficial. This book is aimed at web designers and web developers who currently build fixed-width websites with HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.1. This book explains how to build

JavaScript Step by Step Second Edition by Steve Suehring

This second edition of JavaScript Step by Step builds on the foundation laid down by the first edition. The underlying architecture of the JavaScript language is largely the same, but its use has become pervasive, increasing hugely even in just the last three years. With that in mind, the layout and coverage of the book

HTML5 Canvas For Dummies by Don Cowan

HTML5 Canvas is one of the most exciting Internet advancements since the development of the first web browsers in the 1990s. Canvas integrates motion graphics with browsers so that any web developers who are willing to develop JavaScript code can add compelling motion graphics and animation to their websites. The browser-based graphics of Canvas differ

Microsoft Access 2013 Inside Out by Jeff Conrad

Microsoft Access 2013 is just one part of Microsoft’s overall data management product strategy. Like all good relational databases, it allows you to link related information easily— for example, customer and order data that you enter. But Access 2013 also complements other database products because it has several powerful connectivity features. As its name implies,